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The Grateful Bears Project


Spreading joy and Financial support for Heart-Centered causes, world-Wide.

The Grateful Bears Project is a labor of love, wishing to make a difference on our fragile planet. 

Each of our 108 collectable bears will be made in the likeness of a philanthropic individual with notoriety,

with 100% of the profits going to each individual bears cause of choice.


Meet Our Grateful Bears!


The Grateful Bears Book

"This heartwarming book will  make every grandparent reevaluate their
connection with their grandkids." – Wavy Gravy


Ava's Grateful Bears

Looking for a special way to connect with his granddaughter, Ava’s grandfather secretly places a large box under the Christmas tree. Within that box is a collection of over 100 Grateful Dead Bears. Over the next seven years a connection grows between granddaughter, grandfather and that magical collection of bears…a connection that takes all of them on a special journey together…a Grateful journey.

“Can’t wait for the movie” Deva Premal & Miten